The project with the title New Post-Socialist City: Competitive and Attractive (in short the ReNewTown project) has been implemented through the Central Europe Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Its primary focus is on reduction of disparities and improved quality of post-socialist urban environment (not only by positive transformation of residential landscapes but also by improved quality and accessibility of public spaces, increased provision of cultural and social events, increased support of entrepreneurial initiatives, strengthened identity, creation of common values, etc.). To this end several model approaches have been identified and four pilot actions implemented in post-socialist cities from four different Central and Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

The ReNewTown Final Conference aims to provide a broader perspective on the competitiveness and attractiveness of post-socialist cities in Central and Eastern Europe by establishing a forum for exchange between academic researchers, urban planners and decision-makers dealing with these issues.

At the conference, special attention will be given new economic and social functions of post-socialist buildings, public spaces, estates and/or districts; identity of, and differentiation among, post-socialist urban settlements; as well as values, well-being and sustainability challenge in post-socialist urban settlements.


The project is implemented through the Central Europe Programme co-financed by ERDF.