Presenter(s):Piet Daas & Marco Puts, Statistics Netherlands
Date:21 March 2018
EMOS learning outcome addressedStatistical methods
Webinar aimsThe webinar aims to show statisticians how to deal with big data in real world statistical applications.
Webinar learning outcomesTo be aware of the need for a paradigm shift when using big data.
To be familiar with methods that enable extraction of information from big data in a reliable way.
To understand the importance of the need for good quality data and well thought of checks and controls.

Webinar content
In the webinar, the current state of art of using big data for official statistics is discussed. These are illustrated by walking through a big data based production process. The observations are generalised to other big data based applications.
Difficulty levelAdvanced
Prerequisites for the webinarThe webinar will build on the content presented in:
2017 EMOS Webinars: Big Data I and II
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Presentation materialEMOSWebinar06_Big_data
Recording of the webinar EMOSWebinar06-Recording